Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mini Shelf

I was born with a desire to organize. Things that do not have a specified container annoy me; I have an incoming mail basket, a magazine basket, bookshelves, and many plastic storage containers. Where there's not a container, then a pile will do, as long as it's neat and stacked by size. So, this scenario has been annoying me for a while:

This is the "hot drink" area of the countertop, which is highly respected in our house due to Jason's love of coffee and mine of tea. Everything was just stacked up, and so if I wanted something from the bottom, a lot of unstacking and re-stacking had to occur.

I came up with the idea for a little shelf, which of course did not exist in reality. So, I decided it would be easier just to build something than to scour the earth looking for the perfect mini-shelf. I got some pieces of what might have been hardwood flooring at the hardware store, and using my ghetto carpentry skills, constructed this little shelf. (Ghetto in that sawing was done with a handsaw, and construction was accomplished with a staple gun that shoots nails.) As a result, the shelf isn't all that straight or level, but I took this picture from an angle so that you wouldn't notice.

Of course I had to paint it yellow, orange, and blue, because I paint everything yellow, orange, and/or blue. (Also notice the colors of the stacked cups next to the shelf. Apparently I'm in a color scheme rut -- but at least everything matches.)
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