Saturday, October 04, 2008

Le Slouch - Round 2

I knitted Le Slouch this past January, but I never wore it because it just looked weird on me. It was too slouchy, and had too much drape. It sort of took over my head and made me look like I didn't have any hair. So, I decided to just re-knit the thing rather than let it waste away.

I went down 3 needle sizes for the ribbing, and 1 for the rest of the hat. The fabric turned out much firmer, and now better holds its shape. I also didn't knit as much before I started the top decreases, so it has more of a beret shape. And, this just might be my favorite hat yet!

I don't usually knit a pattern more than once, but I will definitely make more of these. Coincidentally, I finally found the best lighting in my yard - I didn't have to edit these pictures at all.
I'd like to thank all of you who have faithfully commented over the past few months, particularly Heather, Joanne, Kristin, Lolly, Mick, Veronica, and Hassna; of course, I appreciate each and every comment, and will always visit your blog if you leave the link. Thank you to the lurkers as well!


muchadored said...

That was so sweet, Sarah! Thanks for visiting my blog, too, and for always posting such lovely items! Love the hat; so pretty!

Lolly said...

Sarah, I am a big fan! so glad we found each others' blogs :) and these photos are amazing! you look great and that hat is perfect for autumn. (that wrap you are wearing is so beautiful!)

Patience said...

The hat looks great, Sarah! I love the colors... what's the yarn????
I wish I could wear hats. The only ones I end up looking sorta ok in are just baseball caps. Boring. :(

joanne said...

Funny that you thank us for the comments at a time that I have been MIA for over a week. I was on vacation. But now I am back.

Nice hat. I just started one too.

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