Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Books Read - October 2007

Books read in October, 2007. Whoo, lots of mysteries this month! I'm a little mysteried out for the moment, so back to regular programming in November.

25. The Merlot Murders - Ellen Crosby Murders at a winery in Virginia - surprisingly well written.

26. Tears of the Giraffe - Alexander McCall Smith Second in the Ladies No. 1 Detective Agency series. Mma Ramotswe is endearing and the setting is enchanting. Smith also has an incredible sense of humor.

26. Strawberry Shortcake Murder - Joanne Fluke Second Hannah Swenson mystery - These books make me want to open up my own bakery. I love the setting of a cookie shop in Minnesota in winter - so cozy! I also love the heroine of these books, Hannah. She's smart, real, sassy, and funny.

27. Shakespeare's Landlord - Charlaine Harris First in the Lilly Bard series. This one was a little more graphic than most cozy mysteries. But Lilly is a weightlifter, and even bitchy at times. It's great.

28. Gunpowder Green - Laura Childs Second in the Tea Shop mystery series. After reading this second book in the series, the setting started to annoy me. Most of the characters are wealthy, and most events take place at expensive parties, boutiques, and yacht clubs. It's hard to feel a connection.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


I recently participated in a letter writing swap, where the them was "10 of my favorite things." It was a fun swap, particularly because I got a wonderful over-the-top package from a partner in Scotland. She sent some incredible stationary:

I looked up the designer, Papaya! I really want to buy a bunch of their stationary - except that shipping is like $9! I hate it when the shipping is outrageous - this is for paper, after all.

I'm almost done with my second striped sock. I was hoping to post pictures before I left, but that is not in the cards. Yes, I'm leaving - I'm getting married in 5 days! Then its off to the blissfully calm Caribbean. See everyone in November!

I have big knitting plans when I get back. I'm feeling the urge to knit a sweater, and I'm looking at this:Cropped Cardigan with Leaf Ties from Knitty and Fitted Knits. I bought a bunch of linen/cotton yarn to make the Eyelet Chemise from Interweave, but I realized that I would probably never finish or wear it. I've never finished anything lace, and short-sleeved sweaters are sort of useless (for me at least). I'm planning to alter this somewhat, making it more fitted, longer, and possibly with ribbing. We'll see what happens.

Signing off for now . . .

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

New Project . . .

I have been searching and searching, and finally found my next knitting project!

Article is here. It's a scientific fact that anything oversize is funny, and anything small is cute.
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