Wednesday, August 29, 2007


By some creative scheduling I was able to get a 4-day weekend this past week - and consequently, finally able to drive up to Albuquerque for a much needed city fix. I live in a town so remote no one has ever heard of Trader Joe's, and the only coffee shop closes at 2pm. It's also pretty hard to find a piece of art that does not have a windblown Native American accompanied by a wolf on it.

I went to visit a college friend, who was my host as I attempted to do everything that is not possible where I live. This included:
- Eating shrimp etouffe at Copeland's (a Cajun restaurant)
- Consignment shopping (Calvin Klein jeans for $17.50, hello!)
- Sushi eating at a really cool sushi bar with floating boats that brought you your food!

- Coffee ice cream with white chocolate chips at Coldstone
- A visit to not one, but TWO Jackalopes (my new favorite store that sells international folk art type things - I got a couple bowls from India.)

- A leisurely breakfast bagel at Einstein's
- A trip around old town

- Food shopping at Trader Joe's (Apparently its illegal to sell alcohol before noon on a Sunday in New Mexico. The wine section was roped off, and people were just hovering around waiting for it to open. Must. Get. Wine. I totally was the first one in.)

One of the things I enjoyed most about Albuquerque was that twice I directly encountered progressive thinking. I hate, hate, hate plastic shopping bags. I try to bring my own bags whenever I can, but on many occasions I have been sighed at by cashiers who are just so annoyed that I am slowing them up with my canvas bags. (Sometimes I'll re-bag right in front of them, I bet they hate me for that too.) At the consignment shop I visited, Buffalo Exchange, you have the option of getting a token instead of bag. You drop your token in a little box, and 5 cents is donated to the charity of your choice. Wow! At Trader Joe's I was entered into a drawing to win free groceries because I brought my own bags. Imagine, actually being REWARDED for trying to help the environment! It's quite a change from my "secret recycling program" at work. (Yeah, I almost got in trouble for recycling.)

I can't wait to go back to Albuquerque!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Look

You may have noticed the blog has a new look - everyone else has a cool banner on their blog, so I have to have one too, right? I must have been in a blue mood today. I'm not sure if I'll stick with this design, but it will suffice for now.

Not too much new to report in the knitting department. I finished one of my Jaywalkers - and I have a conundrum. The sock "fits," but only after much grumbling and swearing as I pull it over my heel. I'm afraid I'll pull so hard the yarn breaks. I'm not in the mental state to completely re-do this one, so what if I just knit the second one on size larger needles? Would it be weird to have two socks that are slightly different sizes? Or will I be glad that at least one fits correctly?

I've finished around 6 or 7 inches of Orangina. I have to knit 14 inches in pattern, and then - oh yeah, the back. Dammit. So I still have 21 inches to go. Don't expect this one any time soon.

Since I'm not too motivated with these 2 projects, I probably should start something else. I have this white yarn that's been laying around for a couple years.

It's not too much - about 550 yards. I'm thinking some sort of shrug/very small cardigan. Can it be done?? Anyone have any ideas? (And I already thought of the One Skein Wonder. I like the concept of this pattern, but the finished products look like they're eating their wearers. Ahhh! My shoulders!!)

And finally, I did a little bit of sewing. I made this strapless top - my favorite part is the zipper, which of course you can't see because its in the back. I used an invisible zipper, and it really is invisible! Wow I have a lot of freckles.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My Favorite Things

Since not much is going on in my world crafting-wise, here are some bits of randomness:

Feasting on Asphalt: In my opinion, one of the best television shows every made. It's like watching a painting, plus I have a crush on Alton Brown. The combination of filming, photography, music, location, and crew are brilliant. When I saw that there was a second season coming out this summer, I was SO excited. Watch it! On Food Network Saturday nights.

Tea: I love tea, especially loose-leaf black teas. The best online sites are Adagio, Dragonwater, and Stash. Look at them and drool. Know anymore? Hook me up.

iShopIndian: When I lived in Delaware, there was a great South Asian grocery store - pounds and pounds of Basmati, instant Indian dinners, breads, produce, and really good Samosas. There isn't an Indian restaurant within at least 150 miles of me now, let alone any non-Mexican grocery. I haven't actually ordered from this site yet, but they seem to have a really good selection, and free shipping over $69.

Not Martha and Design Sponge: Daily reading for inspiration.

Ladislao Loera: One of my new favorite artists. One day my entire house will be filled with Mexican Folk Art.
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