Saturday, July 07, 2012

New Toys

For years I have been jealous of the people I read about who go to a thrift store and just happen upon a beautiful piece of furniture or really expensive shoes for sale for $2.99. Finally, last week it happened to me! I am now a person who owns 2 spinning wheels.

I'm quite happy with my Fricke wheel, but when you see an Ashford Traditional for $45, you buy it. It's missing some parts, most notably a flyer, but I found a used one that's currently on its way via the slow boat from rural Canada.

You may have heard of this little bike race in France called the Tour de France, which is nothing but the inspiration for the more important event going on right now, the Tour de Fleece. 'Tis the season for sporting-related fiber events. Goals are individual, with the most basic to spin every day of the Tour. I've finished 2 bobbins so far: "Tanzanite" on Polwarth and "Cody" on Merino, both from FatCatKnits (I'm on the FatCatKnits team, which explains this.)

And the craft-related machinery doesn't stop there! For my birthday this year I got a new sewing machine. My Singer wasn't terrible, but it refused to sew through anything more that just 2 layers of regular fabric. This is the Janome HD1000, and can sew through a yardstick (skip to 1:36). I'm not sure I will ever need to do that, but it's good to have options. 

Finally, the pantry, currently in the form of a large Tetris game, is nearing completion.  Let me tell you, that can of Benjamin Moore paint has really paid for itself. Not only did it cover all of the kitchen cabinets, but also 2 shelves, a ceiling fan, and all of these pieces - and there's still half a gallon left.

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