Saturday, September 30, 2006


You may recall, if you have memorized the contents of my blog, that last summer I did a rash of stupid things (including gluing my fingers together with superglue.) The syndrome has returned.

- Today I locked my keys in my car, for only the second time in my life. (Luckily I was less than a mile away from my apartment complex at the time.)

- I put my shirt on backwards, and didn't realize it until I had driven to where I was going and walked halfway across the parking lot.

- In one day, I managed to damage two pieces of (extremely valuable) furniture at the decorative arts museum where I work. I have the opposite Midias touch.

I can only guess at the cause of such a horrible disease. Possible causes include:

- Massive doses of art historical theory.

- Severe deprivation of Project Runway.

- Lack of yarn buying funds.

- Unlike normal people, Jason has decided to go TO a burning forest. He's currently working in California on this fire, far from civilization, actual beds, and showers:

Actually its kind of pretty. But don't let that mislead you! Its on FIRE!

Let's hope this syndrome passes soon, otherwise you may find me at the bottom of a staircase with multiple broken limbs.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Animals Galore

So could you tell that school started? I've been reluctantly walking through campus for the past few weeks, glaring at girls on cell phones having conversations such as, "I'm going to eat, and then I'm going tanning. I'm so pale, daddy!" We won't even get into how wrong such conversations are in so many ways. Also, what's up with this leggings + miniskirt trend? I've always been forthright in my disgust of 80s pop culture, and I am strongly concerned with this resurgence. (So no, not everyone in their 20s "Loves the 80s." I realize this is hard for some people to understand, but those clothes were ugly and the music was annoying. Face it.)

Instead of working on my thesis I've been perched on my new couch (!) using up some yarn. I made a rabbit for 3-week old Lucas, who was born while I was in New Mexico.

And because I couldn't let my kitty, Kiska (special thanks to Dove for naming her!) think I wasn't paying attention to her, I'm sending her a toy she can destroy almost immediately.

And because I have to be like every other knit blogger and include pictures of my cat, here she is. (Oh, and I fully acknowledge this cat does not live in the same time zone as me, nor have I actually met her, but she'll be my cat eventually. So it still counts.)

(Rabbit: Pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, Lion Brand Microspun, size 5 dpns. Mouse: Pattern from Stitch 'N Bitch Nation, ugly yarn that might be mohair, doubled on size 4 straights.)
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