Monday, September 26, 2011

Spinning FO: Caribbean BFL

Back in May, at Maryland Sheep & Wool, muchadored helped me pick out my first "real" fiber, something nice to spin after I got the hang of my spindle. This is BFL from Misty Mountain Farm, in "Caribbean". I divided the fiber by weight into two parts, and spun a fairly thin single.

I plied the singles together using my super-awesome and slightly-deadly-looking homemade lazy kate. This piece of high-tech machinery was constructed out of a shoebox and 2 metal skewers. I was hoping the pointy ends would keep the cat away, but apparently she's not as dumb as I thought (or maybe she's dumber than I thought.)

Then, all of my plied yarn was wound onto another homemade contraption, my PVC niddy noddy. (Why do yarn tools have such silly names?) If you were wondering if a 10-foot section of PVC pipe can fit into a Mazda Protege, the answer is "yes." And if you also were wondering if you can cut PVC with a wood saw in your living room, the answer is also "yes."

Ta-dah! I ended up with over 300 yards of fingering-ish weight yarn. I'm thinking about knitting these fingerless gloves. Jason thinks that the next logical progression from spinning my own yarn is raising my own sheep, but he knows that we don't have any grass in our yard. Duh.
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