Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Projects

Because I currently have 4 work-in-progress knitting projects, 2 unfinished quilts, and 11 library books to finish, I thought the most obvious thing to do was to start a few more projects.

(1) I have decided to participate in the Pinwheel Sampler Quilt quilt along (links to individual blocks are on the sidebar), hosted by P.S. i quilt. I love pinwheel quilt blocks, and that someone else will be doing all the math for me! This will also be a good opportunity to use up a lot of fabric scraps. [Also check out the flickr pool.]

I already completed the first 2 blocks (there will be 16 for the quilt along, but I think I'm going to make a total of 25 for a larger quilt.) You can see them hanging on the wall above my new sewing table! My previous table was only large enough for my sewing machine, and so I still had to get down on the floor to cut anything. Now, I have ample space to both cut and sew without crouching down on the cold basement floor. Thanks, craigslist guy who was moving to Norway the next day and sold me your Ikea desk for super cheap [even if you took it apart wrong and now I have extra hardware].

(2) In 2008, one of my reading goals was to tackle the 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die list (current standing: 69/1001). This year, I've decided to try to read as many books set in different countries as possible. I'm not taking into account the nationality of the author, just the setting of the book. So far, I've visited 7 countries:

3) I did manage to finish one project. These are reusable snack bags that I made using this tutorial. My sister gave me a store-bought bag like these for Christmas, with the stipulation that I copy it and make one for her. She got the brown one, and the other went off to a friend.

Monday, February 08, 2010

I should have stayed in New Mexico

On Tuesday night, a wet snow was falling, coating every tree branch. I was so enchanted that I went outside very close to my bedtime just to take pictures. Ah, snow, I thought, how romantic and beautiful you are.

On Friday, my office was closed as more snow fell. After a nice sleep, I uncharacteristically made breakfast not consisting of cereal. The name of this breakfast is comically difficult to write in a way that doesn't sound like murder or scandalous pregnancy.

I made a Dutch baby. I baked a Dutch baby? I ate a Dutch baby? Whatever; it was SO GOOD and you should make one for yourself immediately, using this recipe.

On Saturday, I was confronted with this:

The next day, after 3 hours of flinging snow onto piles taller than me, we had successfully unearthed 3 vehicles. And there was much rejoicing.

Projected accumulation is 10-20" for the storm coming tomorrow. We had about 30" this weekend, so if we get the maximum we'll have a total of 50" on the ground. I am 58" tall. I will be sure to wear a brightly colored hat so that you can find me.
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