Monday, February 08, 2010

I should have stayed in New Mexico

On Tuesday night, a wet snow was falling, coating every tree branch. I was so enchanted that I went outside very close to my bedtime just to take pictures. Ah, snow, I thought, how romantic and beautiful you are.

On Friday, my office was closed as more snow fell. After a nice sleep, I uncharacteristically made breakfast not consisting of cereal. The name of this breakfast is comically difficult to write in a way that doesn't sound like murder or scandalous pregnancy.

I made a Dutch baby. I baked a Dutch baby? I ate a Dutch baby? Whatever; it was SO GOOD and you should make one for yourself immediately, using this recipe.

On Saturday, I was confronted with this:

The next day, after 3 hours of flinging snow onto piles taller than me, we had successfully unearthed 3 vehicles. And there was much rejoicing.

Projected accumulation is 10-20" for the storm coming tomorrow. We had about 30" this weekend, so if we get the maximum we'll have a total of 50" on the ground. I am 58" tall. I will be sure to wear a brightly colored hat so that you can find me.
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