Friday, October 11, 2013

This Summer

As I plan fall crafts and put the knitted socks back into rotation, I'm reminded that this summer was a pretty good one. The temperatures were generally reasonable, I picked lots of fruit, and the amount of stink bugs invading the house seemed less than usual. I got a new camera for my birthday back in May, and I love it! (It's a Sony Alpha NEX-5R.) Here are some highlights.

The hydrangeas are usually blue, but this year they changed to purple:

The container farm reached its largest size yet (it eventually grew to about three times the size in this picture). I grew cucumbers for the first time, and was able to pickle about 6 jars' worth.

The county fair was visited:

15 pints of peaches were canned:

Baseball games were attended:

This giant spider tried to booby-trap our back door by spending all night creating a giant web and then sitting on it for 2 days. I felt bad for it because it never managed to catch anything, and then Jason had to destroy its web in order to take out the trash.

The mantel has now been decorated for fall, only one tomato plant remains on the deck, and I've resorted to wearing Jason's sweatshirts in the house because I'm too cheap practical to buy warmer maternity clothes for only 6 more weeks. I look ridiculous but at this point you can probably guess how much I care.
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