Sunday, July 24, 2005

My Apartment

It looks like I will not be homeless after all come August! I have a great apartment in Delaware, complete with a swimming pool, fitness center, and a balcony! It is supposedly surrounded by trees as well, something completely unknown to me after living in Kansas and New Mexico for the past 2 years. Although, I am slightly distraught by the fact that the next time I move, I won't be able to fit everything in my car.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Art Festival

The Art Party 2005 was a great success, with great entries including a K-9 ranger dog, melted crayon ranger, bat-shaped photo montage, duct tape creations, ticket stub earrings, a superintendent ranger stuffed bear, a cheesecake, an interpretive dance, guitar performances, and custom made mad-libs, among others. I made a screen for the TV which looked something like this (this isn't mine exactly.) For this I won the "Most Creative" award, which was a paint-by-number stained glass elephant (from the Dollar store.)

Although, I have to say that the real fun was had towards the end of the evening when the dinosaur puppet came out. I truly love a place where grown people can play with a dinosaur puppet openly. As a certain person always says, "Failure to grow up is a victimless crime."

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I'm not Dutch

Every once in a while, I'll encounter someone who's logic I cannot grasp. Take the following conversation, which took place on a cave trail with a 60-year-old man.

Man: So, what's your name again?
Me: Sarah.
Man: Oh, so are you Dutch?
Me: Um, no, I'm not.
Man: That's weird, because my mother's name was Sarah and she's Dutch.

He must not get out much.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

I'm An Idiot

In general, I consider myself a fairly intelligent person. The desert sun, however, has appeared to have clouded my judgement.

The other day, while I was home for lunch, I brillantly decided to work on a crafty magnet project using superglue. And of course, I manage (almost) to glue my fingers together - I opened them in time, however did not escape without coating my fingers. Going next door to your 18-year-old EMT neighbor with the question "Do you have anything that will remove superglue from human flesh?" is slightly embarassing.

Oh, it doesn't stop there. Later in the day, while cleaning helmets from a caving tour, I discover that a battery has exploded, leaking acid everywhere. So what do I do? Why, stand there, of course, letting the acid slowly seep into my bloodstream while staring blankly at my hands. Luckily, the same 18-year-old EMT was there to save me once again.

The night before, I had embarked on a baking adventure, floating on a recent high of cooking successes. So, I must have believed myself infalible when I read "Not to be used for baking" on the back of the "light" margarine stick and decided they didn't know what they were talking about. Um, they knew what they were talking about. Cookie crumbs, anyone?
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