Saturday, October 09, 2010

Readathon: Update 4

Total time spent reading: 5hr 50min
Total pages read: 186
Currently reading: A Proper Education for Girls by Elaine DiRollo (finished!); The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray; The Girl Who Played With Fire

Whew, I don't know about you all, but this whole reading for 6 hours thing is getting a little tough. I'm bailing. Yesterday a friend invited me out for dinner tonight, and I couldn't really say, "Um sorry, I have to sit in my house and read by myself." I know sometimes I perplex people, but you have to draw the line somewhere.

In other news, Kiska says, "Why are you wasting time reading when you could be getting me some of that cat food with gravy out of the refrigerator?" I'm pretty sure the cat is a magical creature who can consume gravy and then manufacture it into hair, which she will then get everywhere possible. Can't deny the beast.

I might be back for another hour after I get home tonight - but if not, happy reading to all of you who are stronger than I, and a huge thanks to all the wonderful cheerleaders who left me comments today.

Readathon: Update 3

Total time spent reading: 3hr 50min
Total pages read: 114
Currently reading: A Proper Education for Girls by Elaine DiRollo

So, I went to the gym, ate lunch, and took a shower. I read at the gym and while eating, but I couldn't quite figure out how to read in the shower. I'm almost done with A Proper Education for Girls, so I'm going to keep plugging on that one. The book is just OK, and I even already looked in the back to see what happens, which I hardly ever do. It's dumb. But I'll finish anyway.

Also, as a public service announcement to all you short girls out there, they have short-length black workout pants at Target. I've already bought 2 pairs, and I didn't have to hem them. Go now and stock up while the gettin's good.

Readathon: Update 2

Total time spent reading: 2hr 40min
Total pages read: 69
Currently reading: The Girl Who Played with Fire by Stieg Larsson

I'm moving along much faster now! Must be because I brushed my teeth and put a bandanna on my head to conceal my hair, which was sticking straight up when I woke up this morning.

This hour's mini-challenge is Show Me the Books!, hosted by Crystal. Here's my bookshelf, which I've shown here before:

Next to my side of the couch is the pile of books I'm currently reading.

As long as I'm posting pictures, here's what's currently in the knitting basket. I'm making new Christmas stockings this year, and this is Jason's. Mine will be a different color and pattern. I always gripe every year about how stores seem to be putting out Christmas decorations earlier and earlier, but that rule does not apply to knitting. Knitting takes time, people!

Well, I'm off to the gym - but don't worry, I will keep reading there.

Readathon: Update 1

Total time spent reading: 1hr 40min
Total pages read: 35 (told you I'm slow!)
Currently reading: The Girl Who Played with Fire by Stieg Larsson

Although the readathon technically started at 8am, I didn't get up until 9, when someone's tiny dog decided to have its own bark-a-thon outside. I'm trying to get through a chunk of The Girl Who Played with Fire today because I have to take it to my sister at the end of the month. She's read the first in the series and is patiently waiting for me to finish. The thing about this book, though, is that it takes so long to read! No skimming allowed, and you have to pay attention to every sentence. Also, Swedish names have a lot of v's and k's in them. I'm not sure if that has to do with anything.

Even though Jason is not doing the readathon, he's currently reading The Truelove by Patrick O'Brien. It's number FIFTEEN in a series that he just started reading this year. Apparently reading opposites attract, because I can't read less than 5 books at a time, and here he is plugging through an entire series, one book after the other. Show off.

The cat is currently not reading anything, because she does not know how to read. At least that's what she has us believe.

Saturday, October 02, 2010


For years I have wanted to participate in Dewey's 24-hour-readathon. A few years ago I was a "cheerleader" (and won a big box of scary books from Hachette), but I was working freelance at the time and couldn't give up a whole day to reading. Finally, this year I signed up! The readathon is on Saturday, October 9th, and starts at 8am eastern time. I won't be reading the whole 24 hours, because I am old now and have to go to bed early. I'm amassing a buffet of books to choose from, and I'll be reading at will. I doubt I'll finish any entire books, but I do hope to move some bookmarks around. Oh, and you may have noticed something in the bottom left corner of the photo above. Wait, let me get closer:

It's my new computer!! My 5-year-old Dell recently became inhabited by the devil, and alternatively laughed at me and mocked me every time I tried to use it. It took me several months to build up the nerve to buy a new computer, because I hate spending money. Jason and I frequently have conversations that go like this: (him) "Why don't you just buy it? We have $$ in the savings account." (me) "That money is not for spending!!"

If any of you are also joining the readathon, let me know.
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