Thursday, August 02, 2012

Home Improvement: Kitchen Pantry

I hate how you always have to scroll through 5 million pictures to get to the finished result, so here you go:

Is this what happens when you get old, you get excited about pantries? AHHH MY PANTRY IS AWESOME!!!! (The first part of the saga is here, in which I replace the floor.)

We still have the same number of shelves; the bottom 3 are 1x12"s, and the top 2 1x10"s. I did this on purpose so that now I can actually reach the boxes on the top shelf, instead of having to perform some sort of olympic balancing feat to reach the boxes that had gotten pushed all the way to the back. 

It's probably not necessary to explain how I made these shelves, because it's pretty obvious from looking at them. What's not obvious is that the friggin' wall is not straight. This resulted in having to cut each shelf 3 times (smaller each time, thankfully.) While they fit between the 2 walls at the front of the pantry, they did not fit at the back. I guess I had forgotten this from when I did the floor, and ended up having to cut a notch in the drywall to fit the tile in.

 And no, I didn't decant everything into cute vintage glass jars with painted-on chalkboard labels. Because I am a normal person who actually uses my pantry to store normal food. So let's all have a collective chuckle at this pantry I found on Houzz:

Meanwhile, the garden is going gangbusters. Don't ever let someone tell you that you can't grow food on a deck. I'm planning on canning all of this in vintage glass jars with gingham cloth on the top tied with rustic twine.

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