Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The work basket overfloweth

A couple weeks ago, I had a case of start-itis, where I was determined to make things out of all of the stray yarn in my closet. You see, while most people have a problem with stashing large amounts of yarn, I hate having stuff. I LOVE throwing things away, giving things to Goodwill, etc. (I get this from my mother, who claims she doesn't even want furniture in her house anymore.) Thus, my knitting basket overflowed with projects I don't really care too much about, but must be finished just so I don't have so much yarn anymore.

The thing that will probably save me from any future yarn problems is this, a log-cabin like scrap blanket. It's not going to be the traditional square round-and-round type log cabin, but rather a more abstract type of creation. I've got about a 2-foot square piece, and there is no end in sight for this monster. I suspect it will take years to complete, but that's ok with me.

Patchwork Scarf

I sewed this up in a fit of activity a few weeks ago - its a pattern from Denyse Schmidt Quilts. Its a combination of suiting fabric and silky asian-print that I inherited for my roommate in the perfect colors. It's very odd to have a scarf that's not knitted, I almost feel like a traitor!

Friday, October 27, 2006

The Socks of Death

I would like to take a moment to reveal the "socks of death."

Unassuming, you say? Non-threatening? NO! I started these back in August, and for some reason just hated working on them. I'm pretty sure its because the 3x1 ribbing is annoying to do on size 1, really inflexible double-points. (I hate bamboos too.) So, I invested in some knitpicks circulars, which are great! With my new needles, I flew to the end. Last night I spent a full 1 1/2 hours creating the most perfect short-row toe you have ever seen, WITHOUT ever "p3tog tbl." And then I tried them on. And they were too big. So, because I am a genius, I said, oh, well I'll just take some rows out of the top. (Duh, you can't do that when thing are knitted in the round.) Riiiiiiiip.

Instead of getting mad at the socks and throwing them into a corner, I am at war. I WILL conquer you, socks!

I'm also working on this green thing. What is it? I need to keep some secrets, people! (Although most of you probably know already . . .)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Project Update

This whole working thing is really cutting into my craft time. But I have finished a few things recently:

I made a pillow to go with my newly redecorated red-white-black living room (remember the disappearing furniture incident?) The pillow towards the back I got for only $6 at Joann's - I love those 40% off coupons!

Here's a rather blurry picture of my most recently completed pair of socks. It's just a standard sock pattern with Lion Brand sock yarn. I know a lot of knitters are down on the Lion Brand (mostly due to the hororrendous Fun Fur debacle), but I have to say that this sock yarn ain't bad. It's cheap, and just as comfortable as any other wool/nylon superwash. I was warned not to machine wash them though - thanks to Mango for the tip!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Snip Snip

I got my hair all cut off, and I should have done it a long time ago. A minute of blow drying, some slimy hair putty, and that's it! I'm sure the extra 5 minutes of sleep will greatly improve my outlook on life. Here's me looking suspicious:

Knitting news: just some toe grafting and I'll have some new socks right quick . . . stay tuned for pictures.

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