Friday, October 27, 2006

The Socks of Death

I would like to take a moment to reveal the "socks of death."

Unassuming, you say? Non-threatening? NO! I started these back in August, and for some reason just hated working on them. I'm pretty sure its because the 3x1 ribbing is annoying to do on size 1, really inflexible double-points. (I hate bamboos too.) So, I invested in some knitpicks circulars, which are great! With my new needles, I flew to the end. Last night I spent a full 1 1/2 hours creating the most perfect short-row toe you have ever seen, WITHOUT ever "p3tog tbl." And then I tried them on. And they were too big. So, because I am a genius, I said, oh, well I'll just take some rows out of the top. (Duh, you can't do that when thing are knitted in the round.) Riiiiiiiip.

Instead of getting mad at the socks and throwing them into a corner, I am at war. I WILL conquer you, socks!

I'm also working on this green thing. What is it? I need to keep some secrets, people! (Although most of you probably know already . . .)

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