Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I am now officially finished with my first semester of grad school! Whew [insert huge sigh of relief.] I now have nearly 2 months to read books not related to art history and watch hours and hours of tv. One thing I have been doing to relax is taking online tests (after all, they are scientifically proven.) Here's my identity in a past life:

Sarah, you're a Hamster!

Come out and play!— In your previous life, you were a hamster named Vladimir. Here's what we know about you: Born on the plains of Siberia, you spent your early years weathering harsh winters, drinking vodka, and attending committee meetings. Determined and headstrong, you always got your way when push came to shove. But it wasn't all darkness - no one knew how to let loose and have a good time better than you. You were the reigning Twister champ, and you always emerged victorious from the Bolshevik's annual Dance-athon (your signature step, the Funky Chicken, was a huge crowd pleaser). As you were also quite the health fanatic, you developed and patented a set of exercise wheel fitness videos that quickly became all the rage in Siberia. Your commercial success led you to denounce Communism and head for the States, where you ultimately provided the inspiration for a wacky Web site and song.

I don't know about you, but I think that's pretty accurate.
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