Sunday, March 27, 2011

Finished: T-Shirt Quilt

I actually finished this quilt on December 31, but it has been in constant use since then because we live in a freezer. Now, on March 27th, the cat is still huddling next to the space heater, and I'm still in my winter coat (which I sometimes wear while cooking dinner. What? I'm tough. Heating is for losers.)

This is my favorite way to make t-shirt quilts: Use a 12.5 inch quilting square to cut out the central design (super easy when you use a clear template), and iron each square to some light fusible interfacing. Otherwise, the material will shift around while you're sewing. Then, cut 2.5 inch strips of sashing. Sew together. If you were really dedicated, you could finish the quilt top in a day.

This took me a year to finish (no, no, not of constant work. 5 days of quilting plus 360 days of procrastinating) because quilting is my nemesis. I bring it on myself by using thick batting and choosing a quilting pattern with tons of right angles. I think it turned out great, but I will never quilt something like this again. Thin cotton batting it is from now on. I'm too old for this.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Finished: Kitty Pi Bed

You know how when everyone has a kid they're always like, "Look how awesome my kid is! I know everyone always says that, but my kid really is awesome."?

How about I just show you these pictures and let you decide if my cat really is awesome or not? Also coloring your decision will be that she is super lazy, scratches our chairs, whines for food, and is terrified of raccoons. She is also adorable, so what does that equal, like average awesome?

Anyway, I made her this bed. The yarn is wool and is from Finland and I knitted it on really big needles then I put it in the washing machine to felt it. If you are super into details you can click here. It's Friday! Look at my cat! Time go buy dirt for my deck garden.

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