Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Remembering Kansas

Yay, I can post pictures now! Ahh, Kansas. The memories of that strangely half-rusted man-shooting-on-a-horse are quickly fading.


Just so you know, if you are a guy, and are wearing firefighter gear, you automatically become unbearably hot. Well, hot as in sexy, hot not as in you're standing next to burning things.

There was a fire! Ok fine, some grass was on fire in bat cave draw, but enough so my dashing firefighting boy could put it out with the fire truck. 2 other rangers were on site kicking the ass of the fire, while visitors milled around wanting to get their picture taken with the firefighters. That's probably the extent of the excitement for the summer, but how cool (or hot) is that?

The fire was first noticed right before the bat flight, so I wonder . . . how many visitors walked right by it and said nothing? Note to park visitors: if something is on fire, with a lot of smoke and visible flame, and no park employee is standing around, it's not a good thing. At least call 911, really.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Here is Jason standing by the decorations I put up for his birthday. Then, while I was at work, he took them all down and re-installed them in my room. As my friend Karen said, we deserve each other :)
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