Wednesday, March 16, 2005


The poncho trend is getting out of control. So, for the benefit of fashion at large,

"I swear on the head and/or the grave of my sainted granny to never wear, buy, knit, crochet, or fashion from the old throw rug, the poncho. And if the poncho it is given to me as the gift, I will graciously thank the giver and then, when she has left, put the poncho into the dog's bed and/or the trash as the case she may be. Only by doing these things faithfully can I help end for the good of the humanity the scourge that is the poncho. "

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Weather Trick

Today it is 78 degrees in the great state of Kansas, a big trick because next week it's going to snow once again. I really need summer to happen - winter used to be my favorite time of year, but that was before I lived on the plains.

I'll be going up to Nicodemus to work at the end of April - my main draw wasn't really the work experience, but rather the government-paid hotel room. Cable! I'm really sick of only watching NBC. Having a bed that doesn't suck you down into it every night and a shower that's not rusting is also a plus.

Got a letter from Mongolia yesterday - I thought Kansas was bad, but living in a place where your spilled milk freezes before you can pick it up is a lot worse.
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