Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The work basket overfloweth

A couple weeks ago, I had a case of start-itis, where I was determined to make things out of all of the stray yarn in my closet. You see, while most people have a problem with stashing large amounts of yarn, I hate having stuff. I LOVE throwing things away, giving things to Goodwill, etc. (I get this from my mother, who claims she doesn't even want furniture in her house anymore.) Thus, my knitting basket overflowed with projects I don't really care too much about, but must be finished just so I don't have so much yarn anymore.

The thing that will probably save me from any future yarn problems is this, a log-cabin like scrap blanket. It's not going to be the traditional square round-and-round type log cabin, but rather a more abstract type of creation. I've got about a 2-foot square piece, and there is no end in sight for this monster. I suspect it will take years to complete, but that's ok with me.


Dove Knits said...

Y'know, I'm a hoarder, but I've gotten to the point where if I have any more yarn, I will scream. It really upset me to have to buy yarn to finish off a few Christmas projects. Fortunately, Christmas will lead to quite the destashing.

So, even though I'm quite the opposite in terms of having stuff, I understand.

The blanket looks cute. I've seen these around alot lately. Might just have to start one...of course, first I should finish the blanket I need to piece together, and work on my scrap-yarn granny-square afghan, too.

reluctantMANGO said...

Hm... I wish I had your minimalist sensibilities! I'm one of the stashers (as you know) but I'm doing pretty well on my yarn-fast! The blanket's a great idea for reducing waste, and it's pretty too!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! If I ever finish up the blanket I started 2 years ago then maybe I'll work on another one to use up all my unused yarn.

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