Friday, December 01, 2006

Ms. Marigold

Its that time of year again, the time of year that I float through in a haze, trying to procrastinate so I don't have to work on writing papers. I haven't been knitting much lately, or doing too much of anything else, but I did finish this a couple of weeks ago. While not having internet access at home is good for my work ethic, its not so good for my attempts to keep in touch with the world.

The pattern is Ms. Marigold from ZephyrStyle, yarn is Knitpicks Elegance. The pattern only called for 3 balls of yarn, and the whole time I was making this I was thinking, "This can't be right, I know I need more yarn, this is going to be so tiny . . ." As it turns out, this probably fits me better than most things I've knit - yarn is surprisingly stretchy. I guess I'll have to wait until warmer seasons to actually wear this, since I'm not really a vest sort of person, but odds are I'll actually wear it.

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