Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My Favorite Things

Since not much is going on in my world crafting-wise, here are some bits of randomness:

Feasting on Asphalt: In my opinion, one of the best television shows every made. It's like watching a painting, plus I have a crush on Alton Brown. The combination of filming, photography, music, location, and crew are brilliant. When I saw that there was a second season coming out this summer, I was SO excited. Watch it! On Food Network Saturday nights.

Tea: I love tea, especially loose-leaf black teas. The best online sites are Adagio, Dragonwater, and Stash. Look at them and drool. Know anymore? Hook me up.

iShopIndian: When I lived in Delaware, there was a great South Asian grocery store - pounds and pounds of Basmati, instant Indian dinners, breads, produce, and really good Samosas. There isn't an Indian restaurant within at least 150 miles of me now, let alone any non-Mexican grocery. I haven't actually ordered from this site yet, but they seem to have a really good selection, and free shipping over $69.

Not Martha and Design Sponge: Daily reading for inspiration.

Ladislao Loera: One of my new favorite artists. One day my entire house will be filled with Mexican Folk Art.
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