Saturday, October 18, 2008


Many of my readers are knit-bloggers, and in fact most of the blogs I read are knitting blogs. But there is a huge, friendly community of book bloggers out there, and today they are banding together to read for 24 hours straight. It seems like such a fun event, so because I couldn't devote a whole 24 hours to reading, I signed up to be a cheerleader. I've been visiting different reader's blogs throughout the day and leaving comments to encourage them (and keep them awake.)
If you have time, stop by Gargantuan Books and leave some friendly comments for some of the super-readers.

For being a cheerleader, I won a prize! I was randomly picked to receive a box of 10 brand-new "spooky books"! Free books? A very good day indeed.(Cartoon from Savage Chickens)
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