Saturday, November 01, 2008

What I'm Knitting

From sitting-around-the-longest to most recently started:

1. Inga Hat, in 100% wool from Finland. I'm so close to finishing this one, but I don't have much motivation because I'm sure it won't fit. I started this hat mainly to learn fair isle (knitting with more than one color), and because its still summer here, I don't have an imperative desire to finish another hat.

2. Socks started out of desperation when my yarn took forever to arrive from Knitpicks. I'm going to rip out back to the ribbing and make a more interesting design with these. It's a generic cotton yarn I got really cheap at MSW '06. Also, low down on the motivation list until I finish off some bigger projects.

3. Leaf-tie cardigan in Knitpicks Swish. Except it won't have leaf ties. This is going pretty fast.

4. Socks for Jason, who has giant feet. Well, maybe just relatively giant: whatever the difference between a women's 5 and a men's 10.5 is. The first sock will be finished today.


knittinandnoodlin said...

Oooh! I love the Fair Isle hat!

I started socks for my Older Munchkin a few months ago...he has giant feet (size 11) too. Thankfully he only wears ankle socks, but still..great color choice for Jason's socks!

joanne said...

is his the first thing you are knitting for Jason? If so, I think that is a big step in a relationship!

i like the hat, too bad it will not fit, hope you can find a smaller headed individual who can wear it, looks like it was a lot of work.

I also did my first stranded knit. I'll post a pic on my blog today,

Kristin J said...

What?!!! No holster cozy in the works?

Dove Knits said...

You're getting me motivated to photograph my knits!

I love the hat. Fit or not, it's coming out pretty.

Anonymous said...

is that hat for a certain wonderful cousin of yours?

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