Sunday, November 30, 2008


This was the first year that I didn't go anywhere for thanksgiving. Jason and I spent the day cooking, and then sat down and ate. The whole thing was pretty simple. These pictures are no good, but I wasn't about to spend time on photography when I had been smelling delicious food for the past few hours. I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving, and that no one got trampled in bargain-induced stampedes, like this man. (Seriously, what is wrong with people? And why do people who live on Long Island go to Wal-mart when there are so many other stores? When I move out of this town, I'm never going to Wal-mart again.)


muchadored said...

Everything looks so pretty! I love a holiday at home; Jason and I did that our first Thanksgiving together, and it was so much fun.

People are so disgusting. This poor man was just temping, too. I hope his family gets a ton of money from Walmart; usually I hate sueing culture, but this is warranted. At least it will help them be more comfortable in the future.

Kristin J said...

That Wal-mart thing was really disturbing. I hope they watch survellance video and find each and every person who trampled over him.

On a positive note: your food looks really yummy.

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