Monday, July 07, 2008

Where I live

Ok, so we've all seen this before (well, at least a picture):

Blah, blah, water shooting out of the ground. Actually, it's pretty cool (and by cool I mean boiling). I mean, this stuff is au-natural. No pipes or choreography to music for this baby. It's a little scary having really hot water shoot out of the ground at high speeds, but fascinating nonetheless.

In New Mexico dust storm are pretty common. So when I was biking the other day and saw this, I assumed it was just another dust storm. But then I realize that they have grass here, and so there really isn't any dust to be blown around. It was a POLLEN storm. I came home yellow.

And here's a note to RV drivers: bicyclists would like to have more than 1' of clearance between their shoulders and your ridiculously huge vehicle. Thanks. By the way, sleeping in an RV in no way qualifies as "camping."
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