Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday Picture #5

This is a firewood pile outside of my front door - a reminder of the ridiculous winters in Montana. Last winter West Yellowstone got around 20 feet of snow! I used to love snow as a child (didn't we all?) It meant free days off from school and hours of playing outside on sleds. But, as an adult, I've had to drive in snow (and ice, and sleet) far too many times to get excited about it. Work is rarely canceled because of snow, and that means digging out and de-icing your car, then driving slowly over harrowing slippery roads.

I think this picture looks antique-y. I'm a huge fan of post-production; I rarely take black and white pictures because that can all be changed on the computer afterward. Some of the skill of photography has been negated these days, but there's no reason not to use technology if its available - one skill has simply been replaced by another. As a graphic artist, I mainly used Photoshop, but most basic photo fixes can easily be done with Picassa. Picassa has a lot of neat features like the ability to make collages and e-mail pictures without reducing their sizes individually, and the fixes are fun to play around with. I highly recommend it!
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