Saturday, September 06, 2008

On the Road Again (Soon)

First, knitting progress:

Inga is coming along OK, but slowly. The hat is curling so badly that it is frustrating to work with, particularly on needles that are too long. But, that will all be fixed by blocking in the end. I haven't yet perfected my fair isle technique, but that was sort of the point in knitting this hat in the first place.

The pile of stuff in the living room grows steadily. Tomorrow morning it will all be shoved into the car and we will take off towards Utah. I have never been to Utah before, so I wanted to at least drive through while I was close. (Notice the stuffed bison? I'm generally against stuffed animals, but because this is a BISON, I made an exception. The only other exception I may make in the future is a stuffed two-headed calf I once saw at Ripley's Believe It or Not.)

It's been a fun 2 months up here in the north, but I'm looking forward to warmer temperatures, a room full of craft supplies, my own kitchen, weightlifting, kickboxing, satellite TV, my own bed, and my new Netflix Roku! And, my Grand Canyon trip is coming up in just one month, so more stunning nature pictures will be coming.


joanne said...

Sorry that you have to leave Yellowstone behind, but it will be COLD soon and then probably not too much fun.
Where are you going in Utah? Of course Bryce holds a special place for me as that is where Iffy and I met, but I suppose that's kinda out of the way if you are driving to NM. Zion also is awesome.
Have a safe trip home.

muchadored said...

Oh man, I'm so jealous! We want a Roku so badly. I'm anxious to hear how you like it.

Drive safely and enjoy the trip home!

Yarn Mama... said...

I have never heard of the Roku before. I just looked it up and am so excited! Once my Premium Channel deal ends on Comcast in November I am so getting one!

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