Thursday, September 11, 2008

Arches National Park

Before I show you pictures of my brief visit to Arches National Park, I have to tell you the most exciting thing that happened to me during my 3-day drive back to New Mexico:
I saw Tabitha Stevens in a restaurant!
Ok, most of you probably don't know who Tabitha Stevens is, unless you are a fan of Dr.9021o, a fabulously graphic plastic surgery show. If you are as devoted a watcher as I am, then you will remember the infamous anal bleaching episode. (If you haven't seen this, and aren't squeamish or highly moral, then I highly recommend you click here.) THAT was Tabitha Stevens! She lives in Utah, and while Jason and I were having dinner in Green River, I spotted her sitting a few tables over. I said to Jason, "Doesn't that look like that porn star who was on the plastic surgery show?" He agreed, so when I came home I looked her up online, and it most definitely was her. Sigh, I have never seen a celebrity before... and when I finally do, its a porn star. Such is my life.

Anyway, it so happened that our route home went right by Arches National Park. We didn't have too much time to sight see, so we drove the park road and stopped at all the overlooks. The rocks are orange, and sometimes they have holes in them. That's the gist of the park. Here are some pictures:

Here's Delicate Arch, which is famous because it's on the Utah license plate. It looks tiny in the picture, but you can hike up to it and it is apparently quite big. (Or so they say; it could be a scam and just be a little clay model.)

Maybe I'm jaded by the desert after living here for so long, but I wasn't totally wowed by this park. The arches were interesting because they are freak occurrences, but most of the park is barren desert. It's also a fairly small park, and hot, so my recommendation would have to be not to make a specific trip here. If you are nearby, or are going to other attractions in Utah, then it is a worthwhile detour.

And who knows, you might also see a porn star!
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