Sunday, September 14, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Ah, home. Even though all of the toilets broke, and the roof is leaking again, it's good to be home among all my worldly possessions. I was so excited to be back in my own kitchen that I immediately whipped up these chocolate chip muffins. Now that I'm back at a reasonable elevation (3,100 ft instead of 6,667 ft), my baking resembles actual food rather than hockey pucks.

(Recipe from The King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion... the best baking cookbook EVER. Seriously. This recipe is also online HERE.)

In addition to my mixer and baking pans, this was also hanging around to greet me:

This is the second centipede that I've found in the house, although luckily this one was a little more dead. I also encountered a huge spider, but instead of dealing with it, I just put a jar over it with a post-it on top that said "Giant Ass Spider." My plan must have worked, because it was gone the next morning after Jason had left for work. (I don't usually pawn off the disgusting creatures on Jason, but since I had dealt with both centipedes, I thought it only fair.)

I've also been back to the gym. There is a disconcerting new sign above the water fountain that says "NO Spitting in the Water Fountain!!" This means that people have been spitting in the water fountain all along, and I didn't even know! Blegh.
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