Thursday, April 02, 2009

Rock Creek

A month ago, I moved from a house across from a pecan orchard populated by deer and wild pigs to an apartment 100ft off of a 6-lane road, next to a strip mall populated by constantly running air conditioners. While I am greatly enjoying the convenience of my city life, the "courtyard" at my apartment has proved to be sorely lacking in said "yard." Last week, we attempted to find some green space at the southern end of Rock Creek Regional Park.

First we walked around an old horse barn (old in age, but still in operation) - something I really enjoy about the east coast is the architecture. (In fact, I wrote my master's thesis on it! But I digress...) It wasn't even that stinky. Also, horses are huge and scary. People think they are cuddly and friendly, but seriously, those things could easily kill you.

Most of the trail was too close to the road for my liking, but there was one portion where the woods suddenly became scary. The sky was overcast, and the overarching mood made me think I might come upon a witch's house made of candy that she was using to lure children (which she would later COOK! Does anyone else find that fairy tale totally creepy?)

The bridge kind of looks like an old railroad bridge; the trail which runs on it is the Capital Crescent Trail, which was not the one we were on. (Another trail for another day.) We did figure out how to get onto the bridge though, because for some reason walking on bridges is extra fun.

We probably walked only 3 miles or so, but it was a good scouting trip that has revealed future potential. I've spent the past 5 years exploring the west, so now I hope to take on the east. I know that there are plenty of trails, mountains, and lakes to see - suggestions? (Do not suggest any mills. Long-time readers will recall the Mill Horror of '05.)
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