Friday, March 27, 2009

Finished: Ocean Socks

Another pair of socks in the books! I started these sometime last fall, and dubbed them the "ocean socks" when I saw that their colors perfectly matched the underwater picture on the cover of the Smithsonian magazine they were laying on.

The yarn is Sockotta, and I used size 1 Knitpicks circulars (one of which bit the dust about 2" from the end of the second sock.) I didn't use a pattern, but just alternated 2x2 ribbing every 11 rows.

I'm not sure what is going through the cat's tiny brain, but she always has to be in the picture when I'm trying to take a picture of a finished project. I'm not sure if her attacking my foot means that she likes knitting, or hates it. . . or maybe she's just trying to pull some of the yarn out so she can eat it and I can pull it out of her throat later.

Notice the color of the carpeting in my apartment. White carpet in an apartment? It seriously stresses me out. I'm pretty sure every jar of tomato sauce and cup of coffee is secretly chuckling and plotting against me.
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