Monday, March 09, 2009

One More Ride...

We have arrived in Maryland! Does anyone else think it's weird that it is pronounced "Mare-land" instead of "Merry-land"? (Don't worry, I didn't just figure this out. Just reflecting.) Before I completely left New Mexico behind, I wanted to take some pictures along my regular bike route, having been reminded by my sister that my bike route will now look very different. I'm thinking I won't be racing too many tumbleweeds 'round these parts.

After I leave the neighborhood, I rode down this street over the railroad tracks. There are usually cattle in the field to the left.

Next, I stop and visit some goats. I love their floppy ears!

This is the first time I saw this horse. Apparently it's perfectly normal to park your horse in your front yard in New Mexico.

Next, I rode past the train yard. The train blocking the road is a frequent occurrence.

I love these bare trees.

Finally, turn around at (yet another) train crossing.

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