Monday, April 27, 2009

Quilting Mojo

Every once in a while I get a strong urge to make a quilt. (Don't we all?) The two quilts I have in progress weren't calling to me (one in particular because it is still in storage, in an undisclosed location.) A few weeks ago I armed myself with a 25%-off coupon for Joann's and went a little insane due to the fabric overload. After being stuck with the meager fabric selection at Walmart for the past few years, I was pretty excited to have access to fabric unrelated to John Deere.

This is a small quilt; I guess you would say it is baby quilt size. But, since there are no babies nearby, I will stick to my "small quilt" label. In fact, I started this quilt with the intention of giving it away, but I like it so much that event is not looking very likely. I don't really have any use for it, but then again, I don't really need anything I knit either.

As we begin month 3 in Maryland, the job search and the house search continue. I have become more patient as I've aged, which is paying off in this situation. I'm not one to compromise, and I know that eventually everything will work itself out. Meanwhile, I've been playing with paint colors using the Sherwin-Williams color visualizer. For the longest time, I wanted a cobalt blue kitchen. I finally got it, so now I have moved on to obsessing over a yellow and teal dining room. Whether or not I will eventually have an actual dining room remains to be seen, but it can't hurt to plan.

(And lest you think I'm smoking crack with my color choices, know that after I put the yellow on the walls, the color visualizer actually suggested teal for the accent color. Disregard the red on the walls in the background. Also, I would never put that style of furniture in a room this color. Think unfinished pine and Moroccan colored glass lanterns. Not that I'm a fan of pine in general... but I digress.)
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