Thursday, January 01, 2009

Evangeline Mittens

Christmas knitting revealed! When my brother's girlfriend started dropping some significant hints, like she needed new mittens and "always loves a handmade gift", I knew I needed to knit her some mittens. We've actually never met, but I am told that she is crafty, and that's qualification enough for a knitted gift.

For some reason there are TONS more fingerless glove patterns than mittens out there, so I decided to convert the Evangeline fingerless glove pattern to full-on mittens. Don't ask me how I did it, because I just did some random decreases until I looked right.

The pattern, which was originally published in the now-defunct Magknits, is now a free Ravelry download. I used Cascade 220 Heather, which is 100% wool. I had never used this yarn before, but now I understand why it is seen as a go-to yarn among knitters. It's sturdy and warm, and while it's not super super soft, its not scratchy like a lot of other pure wool yarns. I'm glad I bought a skein too many, so I can make something in the same color for myself!


muchadored said...

So cute! I'm really dying to knit some mittens for myself; this is such a great idea! 220 Heathers (in that exact color, ironically) was my first yarn ever. I haven't knit anything from it since, though I'm not sure why. It's strong, not scratchy, and the color selection can't be beat. I need to buy some for my next sweater project I think.

reluctantMANGO said...

Love. Those. Mittens.

I have some of the same color yarn in my stash, may just have to bookmark that pattern!

Thanks for the Christmas card - how exiting that you're moving back east! I'm totally up for a MDSW get together :)

petunialu said...

This is an awesome mitten book:

I haven't actually made any of them, but I want to! I discovered the book at work (I am a librarian and I have the craft section in my care!!! How cool is that!)

Oh, and good luck on the move! I've never been to the Maryland side of DC, but I've been to DC proper and the VA side, and LOVE IT! Good restaurants are definitely in your future!!

joanne said...

I like them alot. Mittens are what I will someday test my cable skills with.
And I agree that there are LOTS of fingerless patterns out there in knitting land. Don't people's fingers get cold?

p.s I did use sock yarn to do my gloves.

Katie said...

I would also like to mention that these mittens are wonderfully comfortable and not at all scratchy! I love them! You are a very precise knitter - beautiful craftsmanship. Thank you!

Dove Knits said...

I love these. Everything about them -- the cable, the color. Great job.

Rae said...

What is the pattern called?

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