Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Color Week: Blue, Purple, & Yellow

I just found out that Curious Bird is hosting "color week" - the simple concept is to take photos inspired by a certain color each day this week. I'm a little behind, so here are my catch-up photos.

Can you tell I have a thing for dishes? (And patterns, for that matter.) I have a plate collection, devised one day while in Pier 1. I saw a plate I loved, but I already had a whole set of dishes. Then it dawned on me: Who says dishes have to match? Since then, if I see a plate that I like, I just buy one. I've had to stop recently though, due to running out of cabinet space. But, one day I hope to have something like a china cabinet so I can collect superfluous dishes to my heart's content.


I didn't think purple would be difficult for me to find, as it is one of my favorite colors. I even have a whole wall painted purple in my house - but as it turns out, it insists on looking brown in every picture. So, I had to go to my closet. Wow, I really have a lot of purple shirts...


I'm not a fan of yellow on its own, but lately I have been painting everything orange/blue/yellow. I'm not really planning on giving up my love for Mexican folk art when I move away from the southwest, so I'm hoping yellow continues to appear in my home.

Tomorrow: Pink(!)
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