Thursday, January 15, 2009

Color Week: Pink


I'm not a pink fan, so I really had to look hard for some. Luckily, pink book spines popped out at me from my bookshelf. I love my pink scissors - they cut fabric and paper so smoothly! My mom always is fiercely protective of her "good scissors", and I totally understand. These stay on my desk, and my husband has been refused their use on occasion. (He wanted to use them to open hard plastic packaging!! The horror.)


joanne said...

I have to say, I kinda like pink. I have a pink cellphone, which is probably about the most teenager/20something thing that I own.

I was at a little kid b-day party a while back, and us women folk were discussing good scissors, apparently that is what women discuss while the men grunt and scratch. Anyways, though not scissors per-se, one of the ranger wifes was telling the story of the day she came home and found her husband using her rotary cutter for the purpose of cutting wood veneer. AAHHH!

petunialu said...

The horror, indeed! I told my husband that if my scissors were ever used for anything except for sewing, that they would become scissors that rend flesh! (He thinks this is quite funny and teases me all the time, but he also got the picture and has never used them in the seven years we've been married;-) )

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