Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday Picture #2

Today's Wednesday picture is my cute, tiny little Grandma. As I mentioned yesterday, she recently turned 90, but this has not dulled her wit one bit. Grandma is hilarious.

One of my cousins went shopping for Grandma's new wardrobe, because we want to keep her looking hip. But, she didn't like her new capri pants. Quote: "I didn't like those short pants. My friends don't wear those." Hmm, I guess the nonagenarian church ladies are harsh critics. I guess she needs to stay modest, after all, she isn't 70 anymore.

Grandma gets super-excited every time she sees me, sighing with relief that I haven't grown any taller. For some reason she thinks it's totally hilarious that we're the same size. At this rate, I'll probably be about 4'5" when I'm her age.

One of my aunts told us a story about her friends who decided to give their 9o-year-old grandma a surprise birthday party. Unfortunately that proved to be a bad decision, and grandma um, didn't make it. So my aunt said, "We are NOT surprising Grandma." However, in the excitement of opening her presents and being crowded by small children, Grandma suddenly lost her balance and fell over, as old ladies are prone to do. There was a huge gasp as the crowd collectively sucked in their breath, but luckily Grandma was OK. She popped up and yelled "I'm OK!" and everyone clapped like she was a soccer player arising unhurt from a nasty collision.

Here's to many more birthdays, Grandma!

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