Monday, June 09, 2008

Two Colors? Check.

This weekend I finally got up the nerve to try stranded knitting - and guess what? It wasn't that hard! The hardest part was getting used to knitting with my left hand, something I hadn't done before. Here are my super-exciting results:

Not too shabby if I may say so myself. I have a couple projects in mind, but I need to get some more yarn first - and that will have to wait until after I get to Yellowstone, to save on car space.
Something sort of interesting happened to me last week. I've been purposely vague about my job, but in order for this story to make sense, I have to tell you that I create ads for a newspaper. So, last Monday, one of the classified ads that I had made appeared on Jay Leno's "Headlines" (or maybe on David Letterman... no one seems to be clear on that)! Even though it was only there for the purposes of mockery, it was cool to see something that I had made on TV. (Well, for other people to see... I missed the show myself.) The aspect of the ad that was being mocked was totally not my fault. The client was advertising for a janitor, and at the end of the ad it said "Bring police record." It sounded like you HAD to have a police record to apply for the job... something I pointed out as I was typing up the ad. But apparently this particular establishment is forbidden from hiring child molesters. So it would have been totally funny if I had changed the ad to read, "NO child molesters... other criminals OK."
Recently I took a look at my yarn stash, and realized that this hunk is taking up way more real estate than reasonable. I bought this because it has really neat color transitions... but I don't know when I will ever get around to using it. It's Joann Sensations Rainbow Boucle, and it's huge (853 yards, about the size of a football.) If you want it, leave a comment & include some way to reach you. If more than one person wants it, I'll pick a name out of a hat.

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