Sunday, May 18, 2008

Quilt, Chips, Bike

For years I've been saving up all the XL t-shirts (mostly) given to me for free. On almost every occasion, the person handing it to me looked at my 4'10" self and said, "Well, I guess you can use it as a night shirt!" Instead I decided to make them into a quilt:

If you can see the date on the blue shirt, you can see "1993". . . so I really do mean I've been saving these for years. I still need to add a border around the outside, and of course quilt it. I'm not really sure how I'm going to quilt it, since the squares are 12" and you need to quilt every 4-5" at least. I'm thinking of just quilting a smaller square into the middle of each large one.

Have you ever been to Big Lots? It's a pretty gross store, but they do have the most hilarious products. Such as this:

Haha! I just love the expression on the guy's face on the right.

And... my new bike!! I've been wanting a new bike since I bought a $20 clunker 2 years ago. I was torn between a road bike and something less road-y, but I finally settled on this hybrid. It has shocks, which are great for the horrible asphalt 'round these parts. And air actually stays in the tires! I have a new goal of buying 1 tank of gas a month, and I've already clocked about 50 miles on this thing. (More on bikes in a future post.)

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