Monday, May 05, 2008

It's getting hot in here

Last weekend one of my college friends came down from Albuquerque for a visit. This was a good excuse to do some things that I've been putting off... first up was a 5K. This was my 9th race - but the first one in almost three years. Luckily numbers worked for us. My friend (who is an awesome runner) won the women's 5K, I got third in my age group, and my husband got first in his! It's quite possible that there were only 3 people IN my age group, but that's neither here nor there... at least I showed up, right?

Afterwards we drove out into the desert, in search of water. Lo and behold, it exists! This is Sitting Bull Falls. If you look really, really closely, you can see water flowing down the rocks. Nigara Falls is it not, but we take what we can get.

If you hike up to the top, you can see the source of the water... you CAN see it, right? There was a shirtless hiker who we saw coming up quickly behind us, and I commented to my friend, "Hey, he thinks you're hot, he's coming to talk to you!" He passed us gruffly, and I might have said a little too loudly, "Well that guy sucks, we didn't want to talk to him anyway! Shirtless hiker must be too good for us." We turned a corner and there he was, giving us a dirty look. I have a problem with waiting an appropriate amount of time to insult/negatively comment on people. Whoops. This is probably why I have no friends.

Coming up... plant and sock updates. Can't you just feel the excitement in the air? Also, another quilt... even though I haven't finished at least two.
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