Monday, August 15, 2011

County Fair

It's funny that I lived in rural Kansas and New Mexico for several years, but never went to a county or state fair. (I DID go to the Roswell UFO Festival though.) Several members of my knitting group have entered items in the fair in the past, so this year I thought I'd give it a go myself. This is ironic because of how non-competitive I am. (Yeah right! I WILL BEAT YOU ALL.) I may have done a little happy dance when I saw this:

I wrote about my spinning here, and the socks have yet to be blogged. I'm not sure who won this category, because it was combined socks and gloves. But when I find out, I will go to her house and steal all her yarn. (Not really. I don't know where she lives.)

Next year, should I enter the toilet decorating contest? This was a hit among the kids who were passing by. "HAHA it says POOP."

Next we took a turn through the animal barns, and saw these three little pigs.

And this cow. I was not aware cows could bend their necks like this. Also, cows are really big; I also was not aware of that.

The poultry barn featured more kinds of chickens than I ever knew existed, and a little incubator where you could watch newborn chicks. We almost saw a chick hatch, but got tired of waiting for him to break through the shell. Come on chicken, time's a wastin'!

A little further down were many stands where you could actually eat the adorable animals you just saw!

After that, you could take a ride on something that would (a) probably kill you, or (b) make you throw up your deep-fried oreos.

Finally, there was Sampson the GIANT HORSE. A dollar, really? Don't these people know that the internet exists?

Next year: Best in Show. I'm coming for you, purple ribbon.
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