Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kindle Case

With temperatures around 100, I've been forced into my house cave, i.e., the basement. Ooh, can we start that? Let's call basements "house caves" from now on. Anyway, as you know in my house cave is a craft bunker, where it is a lovely 70 degrees. I've been wanting to make a cover for my kindle for a long time, because the one it came with was totally ineffectual. It had no mechanism for actually holding the kindle in the cover. Dur.

I used this tutorial, which is intended for an iPad, so I did change the measurements. I also added a third layer of batting.

It is actually quite sturdy, and I would totally put it in a bag and not worry about anything happening to the kindle.

And yes, I have a Kindle 1, which I got only 3 years ago, but makes it practically ancient in technology years. It works fine though, so screw you planned obsolescence!

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