Wednesday, February 09, 2011


I ordered the seeds for my garden (a.k.a The Deck Farm) this week. This is truly the best time of year for gardening. In my mind, my garden is a lush oasis that provides a bounty of vegetables, and it is always 74 degrees and stink bugs don't exist. I have totally forgotten about the time last summer when I picked a green bean and a green squishy worm was burrowing into it.

If I lived in a fairy tale (or in that commercial where all the cat food is spiked with LSD), I would have an awesome witch garden where all the fruits and vegetables were the wrong color. This would be possible because these things actually exist.

Pink Blueberries (image source)

Blood Oranges

Purple Green Beans

Apple Green Eggplant (image source)

Purple Broccoli (image source)

Red Pineapple (Photo © Flickr user hellochris)

Black Tomatoes (image source)

Purple Carrots

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