Thursday, February 17, 2011

Finished: Knotty Gloves

I seem to have an ongoing trend with my knitting, in which I finish seasonal items during an inappropriate season. I now have my first pair of gloves, just in time for it to be 73 degrees. (Not that I'm complaining about that.)

People who don't knit, upon learning that I knit, often ask how long it takes me to finish a project. The answer? I have no idea. I started these gloves in December of 2009, and knit most of them during an insane Lost marathon, in which I watched over 100 episodes in 3 months. Then I stopped because gloves are so. freakin. fiddly. Are you aware, for example, that we have TEN fingers? Look at your hands; you'll think "10? It doesn't really look like all that many." Then, try to do ANYTHING 10 times. Say your name 10 times, fast. Do 10 push-ups. Give birth to 10 children. Still think 10 isn't really all that many?

I do like these gloves. In fact, I might even love them. I have freakishly tiny hands, and never in my life have owned a pair of gloves that actually fit. Usually the figures just curl over at the ends, giving me crazy monkey hands.

The stats: Yarn = Tess Super Sock & Baby (Purchased at MD Sheep & Wool 2009); Pattern = Knotty Gloves (free on Ravelry); Needles = Size 1 double points (from a thrift store, but I think they might be Boye). Raveled here.

Interesting fact: Through these gloves I discovered that what I always believed to be size-2 needles were actually size 1. Twist!
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