Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Summer unofficially starts on Memorial Day, which this year also happened to be mine and Jason's birthday. Whenever I tell someone that my husband and I have the same birthday, they usually say something like, "Really? That's cool/weird/neat/a coincidence!" What it really means is that every year I'm going to have to make my own birthday cake. The conversation usually goes something like this:
S: What kind of birthday cake do you want this year?
J: I don't know, what kind of birthday cake do you want?
S: Are you going to make me a cake this year?
J: What? I have to make my own birthday cake?
S: What? I have to make MY own birthday cake?
And then I bake a cake, because Jason says something like, "You are better at baking than I am. Your cake would turn out much better." (Apparently a statement he intends to use to get out of baking anything until death do us part)

That was a long way to say that I made an ice cream cake this year, and even though it turned out tasty, next time I'll remember to freeze the cake before layering in the ice cream. (Whoops.)

Yesterday I went strawberry picking, and came back with nearly 7lbs. Half have gone into the freezer, and half will go into my mouth. (But not all at the same time.)

There was also spinning! For years I have put off spinning for fear of acquiring yet another fiber hobby. But, many of the ladies in my knitting group are also spinners, and they made me do it. I believe there were threats of violence. So, I borrowed a spindle and mooched some fiber, and got to work.Above are my first and second attempts - not too bad! But, man, is this time consuming. I don't know if I will ever become addicted to spinning, but I am glad to be learning. When we run out of oil and the rest of you are cold, I will be wearing cozy hand-spun-and-knit sweaters.
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