Friday, February 29, 2008


So I caught the evil illness that has been going around the world it seems, and it pretty much laid me flat. I'm jealous of people who can spend the day reading or knitting when they are sick, because all I can do is stare at the TV with my eyes half-closed trying to remember how to breathe. Thus I haven't knit anything for about 5 days now. I did take some blurry pictures of my quilt (the one I've been working on since last summer), since I have some progress to show:

I'm planning on adding at least 3 more diamonds, to make a square. Then, depending on how much I can stand making these same blocks over and over, I may add another border all the way around. I love the results of quilting, but it takes so much devotion - you can't just sit in front of the tv or bring it with you in the car - you have to sit down in front of the sewing machine and concentrate on what you are doing. After about half an hour I really need to see what happens on "America's Next Top Model" and the quilt gets abandoned for another 3 weeks.
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