Tuesday, February 19, 2008

You Make My Day

Thanks to Dove Knits for giving me the "You Make My Day" Award! She gave me a great compliment & let me know that I'm not just talking to myself out here. I have to pick 10 bloggers and pass the award on, and from the 99 blogs I regularly read, it was difficult to pick just 10. There are so many funny & crafty people out there; I'm glad that the internet exists to egg us all on in our collective obsessions.

1. Books I Done Read : Her snarky sense of humor always makes my day
2. Book Chase : Book reviews that make me want to drop everything and READ
3. Reluctant Mango : Mango is never satisfied, always trying something new - and inspiring me to do the same
4. The Happy College Knitter : Her conversational writing and great projects make my day
5. Whispering Pine : Her beautiful photography keeps me coming back
6. Tentenknits : Classy, classy knits
7. Knits & Pieces : Her beautiful knits give me inspiration
8. Sew-Mad : This girl can SEW!
9. Bibliolatry : Her book reviews are right up my alley
10. Yarnmonster : What a talented knitter!
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