Friday, February 02, 2007


I finally busted out the sewing machine and finished two bags that have been waiting in the wings. The first is my sister's Christmas present (yes, I know its February), a bag made out of sails! You can buy them online for about $65, but mine was made for much, much cheaper, and (I think) is cooler! (Compare with these.)

The next bag was conceived when I saw this great fabric on sale for $1/yard. I have a thing for tote bags, so this was destined to become one. The picture's a little blurry (I live in a cave), but the bag is awesome and now follows me everywhere.

Next project: altering pants. Necessary but not fun or photogenic.


V said...

Those are great! I particularly like the first one. ...guess I need to make some bags.

Stefanie said... said your bag was made for much much cheaper...don't forget that those sails that you used came from my dad..don't worry one new sail is about $1200...
haha (actually you used the bag that sails come wasn't about to give up the real deal)
love the bag,it looks GREAT!


Dove Knits said...

Those are really cute, and give me ideas for my ginormous fabric stash. I especially like the first one -- the way the straps go makes it seem sturdy.

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