Friday, January 26, 2007


The cold weather has put a damper on some of my sewing desires. Getting up from the warmth under 2 blankets on the couch and putting down that cup of warm tea is a lot to sacrifice for the cold wooden chair in front of the sewing machine on the dining room table. So I've taken up the knitting for the time being - or rather taken apart the knitting. Remember this?

Well, since completing it about a year ago I think I've worn it twice. Mostly because this was in the days before I understood the necessity of shaping. The boxy look was just not flattering. So, its been ripped up to the neckline join, and is destined to become a pullover that will fit me like a glove. I like sweaters that fit very snugly, since they tend to stretch as I wear them and I don't want to be washing my sweaters after every wear.

Here is a Christmas present I've been waiting to show you until it was sent. It makes me laugh - patterns can be found here.


V said...

Hooray, another un-sweater, re-sweater! Maybe we should start a club.

And Subversive Cross-Stitch just gives me the giggles, it's great.

reluctantMANGO said...

LOL... that's my kind of cross stitch!

Good luck with your sweater reconstruction... I hope you like it better the second time around :)

Dove Knits said...

I remember when it was 90, and I had to knit a woolen scarf in my non-air-conditioned home. I hated it. Oh, how I miss those days: it was 7 degrees this morning. Seven. I don't like it when a three-year-old can count how many degrees there are without stumbling.

(Love the cross stitch. Good luck with the sweater.)

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